大奉打更人 · The Nightwatchers of Feng

By 卖报小郞君

In this world, There are Confucians, Daoists, Buddhists, Demons, and Arcanists.

Xu Qi’an, a police academy graduate, suddenly finds himself waking up in a prison, set to be exiled to the frontier three days later…

His initial goal was to protect himself in this world with no human rights and to be able to live a leisurely life as a rich man.

Many years later, Xu Qi’an looks back on the past, with long-dead enemies and friends, as well as the numerous bones he has left behind.

As the Yangtze River flows eastward, the waves wash away the heroes; right and wrong, success or failure will all turn into nothing but history.

However, just like the sun’s rays gleaming over the towering mountains, after each sunset, a new sun will rise.

Translators: Daoist Yan, Infernal

Pinyin/Romanisation note


Volume 1. The Winds of the Official Evaluation


  1. Imprisoned
  2. A Conspiracy of Monsters
  3. A Xianxia World Still Has Reason
  4. It's Time to Show Your True Skill
  5. To Solve the Riddle
  6. Dumb, Dumb Second Uncle
  7. The Younger Sister Is Too Beautiful
  8. Sis, Why Are You Sneaking Looks at Me?
  9. A Berserk Aunt
  10. The Constabulary's Homicide Case
  11. Moyu
  12. Sharp as a Tiger
  13. Interrogation
  14. The Mind Game
  15. The Everlasting Desires of Mankind Since Ancient Times
  16. Xu Qi'an's Diary
  17. To Regularly Argue with Auntie
  18. Going Shopping with the Sisters
  19. Farewell Poem
  20. Half a Qilü Stuns the Great Scholars
  21. Since Ancient Times, how Arrogant Have the Bullies Been
  22. Teaching the Young Lord a Principle
  23. An Arrest by the Ministry of Law
  24. The Blue Cover Book
  25. Reinforcements
  26. The Virtuous
  27. Bring Him Away
  28. Kill Me Then
  29. Cijiu, Hasn't Your Elder Brother Treated You Well?
  30. Chemistry Class
  31. It's Not Free; It's Equivalent Exchange
  32. Chapter 32
  33. I stand in the strong wind
  34. Xu Lingyue: This Life I Must Properly Take Care of Big Brother
  35. Discussing Business in the Study
  36. Troublemaker
  37. Encouraging Learning
  38. A Poem is Complete
  39. That Xu Pingzhi Made a Grave Mistake!
  40. A Fight
  41. A Small Official’s Poetic Talent
  42. The Lesser Sage and His Wife
  43. The Inscription
  44. The Escape
  45. Big Brother is Too Annoying
  46. Buying Jewellery
  47. Angering Auntie Daily
  48. Auntie Hmph, the Little Bastard Still Has Heart
  49. Social Death
  50. Pitch-Pot
  51. Drinking Games
  52. A Family Should Be Together
  53. I Copy Poems for Business, Not For Vulgar Posturing
  54. Jiehu
  55. Plans Come to Fruition
  56. The Crux of the Plan
  57. Kidnapping
  58. flag
  59. This Child is too Difficult, I Can't Teach Her
  60. The Nightwatchers come Knocking
  61. Ironclad Evidence
  62. Aptitude Test
  63. Xu Qi’an: I Can Still Be Saved
  64. The Many Great Cultivation Paths
  65. Peerless Talent!?
  66. A Sudden Assignment
  67. Analysing the Case
  68. Mine
  69. A Divine Shot
  70. Xu Qi'an: I Want to Go to the Jiaofangsi to Cleanse my Earlier Embarrassment
  71. A Strange Message
  72. The Daoist Earth Sect
  73. Horror
  74. Only Going to the Goulan Would Calm My Soul
  75. Spear Intent
  76. Night Meeting
  77. This One is Chen Jinnan
  78. Testing Each Other
  79. The Benefits of Being Backed by an Organisation
  80. One Blade From Heaven and Earth
  81. What Does the Green Light Represent
  82. A Sudden Incident
  83. Lifesaving Plan
  84. Finally, the Heaven and Earth Society has a Confucian Disciple
  85. Your Humble Subordinate has an Important Matter to Report
  86. A Mature Double-Agent
  87. I Just Want to be a Quiet Pretty Boy
  88. Presumptuous
  89. More Poignant in Silence than Any Sound
  90. Master Xu Gives a Lecture
  91. Splits in the Middle of the Room
  92. The Jianzheng's Gift
  93. Number Three is Worthy of Being a Scholar
  94. Homicide Case
  95. Sangpo Lake
  96. The Ancestor Worship Ceremony
  97. The Clouds Change
  98. A Secret That Cannot be Known
  99. Sharing Information
  100. I Want to Book Out the Pavilion
  101. House Raid
  102. More Valuable than One's Life
  103. Waist Chop
  104. Xu Xinnian: I Would Sell My Body to Save Big Brother
  105. Explosion
  106. Recommendation
  107. Using Merit to Atone For Crime
  108. Lead Investigator
  109. Make Trouble
  110. Cases that the Ministry of Law Can't Solve, I'll Solve Them!
  111. Locking on to a Suspect
  112. Broken Lead
  113. Reminisce
  114. Simultaneous Deal-Hunting
  115. A Secret from 500 years ago
  116. Fright but no Danger
  117. The Item Sealed Under Sangpo Lake
  118. Silenced
  119. The Three Elements of Social Interaction
  120. Impromptu Poem
  121. Spirit Beast
  122. Princess Lin'an's Summon
  123. Forces involved in the Sangpo Case
  124. Qinglong Temple
  125. A Secret
  126. The Eldest Princess's Summon
  127. Huaiqing: Me or Lin'an, You can only choose one of us
  128. Opportunity From All Directions
  129. Fear
  130. Auntie, Shall I use Gold to Hurt Your Face, or Silk to Hurt Your Face?
  131. Rich Overnight
  132. Night Meeting
  133. The Shaman Clans
  134. Plastic Father-Son Relationship
  135. Dried Corpse
  136. The Truth
  137. The Female National Teacher
  138. King Yu
  139. The next target
  140. Enter Henghui
  141. Dispirited Gold Gongs
  142. Question and Answer
  143. Jiuyin Zhenjing
  144. A Female Yaoguai
  145. Yang Qianhuan
  146. Eat you, Brother
  147. A Message from Jinlian
  148. Story (I)
  149. Story (II)
  150. Awaiting Results
  151. Two Secret Letters
  152. The Monkey and the Secret Keeper
  153. The Interrogation of Hengyuan
  154. Three's Persona Crumbling?
  155. A Dam of a Thousand Li Falls from Holes Made by Ants
  156. A Goddess of War
  157. The Water Recedes, Revealing the Stones
  158. Gifting Poems
  159. The Straight-as-Iron Li Yuchun
  160. Xu Qi’an’s Diary
  161. Buying a House
  162. Mighty Heavenly Dragon
  163. The Traitor's Hand
  164. A Startling Discovery
  165. An Opportunity to Turn the Tides
  166. Xu Qi’an, the Flawless
  167. Taking Sister and Auntie to See the House
  168. Oh Lingyin, Don't Make Big Brother Drive
  169. Making a Simplified Chicken Bouillon
  170. Not bad, now go...
  171. Lion's Roar
  172. There are None Like Me Upon this Land
  173. Haunted House
  174. A Nearly Exposed Identity
  175. Chicken Bouillon
  176. Telling A Story
  177. Business Trip
  178. One Must Be Discrete
  179. Leaving the Capital
  180. Xu Xinnian: I Have No Family
  181. Group Chats

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