# 33. *I stand in the strong wind* He had heard of Magical Tools, His second uncle had even said that cannons were essential for Great Feng's victory in the "Mountain and Sea Campaign". Half of the power of the cannons was from gunpowder, while the other half could be attributed to the effect of formations. Magical Tools were the unique weapons of the Great Feng, and also the source of confidence for Feng to claim itself as the orthodox power in the world. At this moment, Xu Qi'an realized that Magical Tools and the Sitianjian were inextricably linked. Song Qing hesitated for a moment, and answered Xu Qi'an's question to exchange knowledge, "It's not a secret. Don't you know what a fourth-rank Arcanist is called?" *I don't even know the name of the sixth rank of my Martial System...* Xu Qi'an shook his head. "Master of Formations!", Song Qing said, "The objects refined by Masters of Alchemy are all ordinary objects. The Master of Formation engraves formations in the ordinary thing, which elevates it to a Magical Tool." Based on his understanding of the Arcanist System and the information disclosed by Chu Caiwei not long ago, Xu Qi'an deduced a lot at once. *The ninth rank Physician is laying the foundation for the eighth rank Qi Watcher, and the seventh rank Master of Feng Shui is also laying the foundation for a later rank. But Master of Feng Shui doesn't have any connection to its next level, the sixth rank Master of Alchemy... but it seems that Masters of Alchemy and Masters of Formations complement each other well.* *Masters of Alchemy forge powerful weapons and Masters of Formations process them into Magical Tools... There's something in the Arcanist System.* *No wonder Mr Jianzheng had such a lofty status in Great Feng.* *I must hold Chu Caiwei firmly in my hands. I don't have any special purpose for it. I just want to gain sincere love in this cold society.* Xu Qi'an made up his mind. "The second item is the Heart Protection Mirror. It's also a Magical Tool. Its material is very ordinary, but its formation in it is very valuable. It can resist the full strength of a master surpassing Refining Spirit, A Copper Skin and Iron Bone realm martial artist once. *Is the Copper Skin and Iron Bone realm the sixth rank of the Martial Artist system?* Xu Qi'an finally knew what the Sixth rank of his system was called. "Finally, this is Bone Erosion Burning Heart. If you smear it into an arrow, It can kill a master in the realm of Refining Spirit. It's ineffective on an Iron Bone realm expert since an arrow can't penetrate their skin at all. Xu Qi'an nodded, "I like all three of these items." After a pause, He continued, "That kind of alchemy is called grafting!" Relying on his memories, Xu Qi'an told Song Qing about grafting in a not-too-detailed manner. He didn't elaborate on the process, but he explained the benefits of the method quite well. He explained that a plant's resistance to cold, droughts, diseases and pests could be improved through grafting. And that the taste of fruits could be improved. The process was similar to the experiments trying to get rich written in his diary. He had rich theoretical knowledge but his practical ability was subpar at best. But it didn't matter. He was not the one doing the experiments anyway. If Song Qing failed, it would be due to his weakness. If he succeeded, The credit would go to Xu Qi'an. After listening to him, Song Qing jumped off and writhed in excitement, wishing that spring would come soon so he could perform this great alchemy. "Divine Book, what a Divine Book! I didn't know there was such an ancient alchemy book in the world." Song Qing shouted with excitement. ... "Thump thump thump..." Xu Qi'an walked briskly on the steps of the Star Observation Tower, while carrying three Magical Tools, which couldn't be measured by money. “I could use one of these artefacts to exchange for opening the Heaven's Gate on the black market... But all these items are very useful. I'm not willing to give any of them up... Sure enough, getting things for free is the eternal source of happiness for human beings. … Tomorrow, to the Goulan.” He didn't ask Sitianjian for a single copper coin, but if the items he got were exchanged for silver, His aunt would give in and bow her head and never dare to mock him again. *I can exchange all of them for bank notes, and then slap my aunt's face fiercely...* Thinking of this, Xu Qi'an became even happier. “*I stand in the strong wind*
*And wanna*
*Completely get rid of mental anguish.*
*Watching the clouds float across the blue sky.*
*The sword in my hand is looking for*
*The hero of the Celestial Empire…*” Seeing that the road was clear, he began singing this song from his previous life with passion. In a turn, he encountered a group of strangers, and they both looked at each other. *... It’s So Awkward!* Xu Qi'an's singing stopped abruptly, and he stepped aside expressionlessly. There were three people in the group. The one in the middle was wearing a dark azure robe, had frosty temples, elegant temperament, handsome facial features, and eyes like a deep black pool where wind and frost eroded by the years had accumulated. He was the kind of charming uncle who could make young women fascinated. On his left, there was a taciturn young man, looking forward meticulously. On his right, there was a young man with a frivolous smile on his face and devilish eyes exuding a femininity that made Xu Qi'an feel uncomfortable. However, In terms of appearance, the feminine young man was a rare handsome man comparable to his second brother, out of all the ones he’d seen. When the three of them passed Xu Qi'an, the feminine young man slanted his eyes and squinted at him. At that moment, Xu Qi'an felt that something terrible was watching him, and he couldn't help but hold his breath while his heartbeat intensified. The three of them continued to move up the steps, and Xu Qi'an was relieved when he saw them disappear after passing the turn. *That guy seemed very disdainful and hostile, Were the lyrics too wild?* *Well, there are some things to pay attention to in the future. I shouldn't talk nonsense, especially in public.* Nonsense like: *I want the sky to not cover my eyes!*
*I want this land to not bury my heart!*
*I want all sentient beings to be able to understand my intentions!*
*I want all those Buddhas to disappear from my life!!* Also like: *Supported by comrades ready to die,*
*Dare I aim to be the new Sun in the sky?* ... On the seventh floor, Song Qing, who had just received a report from his junior brother, was waiting for three people being led by the indigo-robed person at the stairs. Chu Caiwei gnawed at a piece of sugar cane and stood casually by the wall. The three came to the seventh floor, and Song Qing bowed to the leader, "Duke Wei." The middle-aged man with slightly frosted temples nodded slightly. "Duke Wei, the Teacher drank too much and is taking a nap. Please wait for a bit." The taciturn young man remained expressionless while the feminine young man frowned. The elegant middle-aged man didn't care much, and entered the tea room with Song Qing, casually saying, "When I went upstairs, I ran into an interesting young man. It seems that he isn't a disciple of Sitianjian." Just as Chu Caiwei was about to speak, Song Qing signalled her to stop with his eyes and said smilingly, "He's just an insignificant little person. But he's quite interesting." The Nightwatchers had a reputation for their viciousness, and were like tigers and wolves in the eyes of both civil and military officials. They didn't act with reason. Song Qing wondered if Qi'an had inadvertently offended this powerful eunuch. "Interesting?", The elegant middle-aged man smiled gently, "How so?" Song Qing hesitated for a moment, then commented, "He's a genius, a genius in alchemy. If he hadn't taken the wrong cultivation path and entered Sitianjian, his name would have been recorded in the History books." He neither said anything against his will, but at the same time revealed the hint that Sitianjian valued Xu Qi'an. The feminine young man sneered. The elegant middle-aged man smiled and nodded slightly. ... Xu Mansion, Inner Courtyard Auntie had a few maids cut clothes, draw thread, stuff cotton, and prepare winter clothes for the family. The weather was getting colder, and auntie planned to buy winter clothes for her children and husband. Lü'e finished the last stitch, her delicate silver teeth biting the thread. looking at the delicately embroidered lotus flowers with satisfaction, thinking that Miss Lingyin would look good wearing them. "Madam, I went to see Dalang yesterday and found that he didn't have winter clothes, and was wearing autumn clothes," Lü'e said softly. Aunt glanced at the maid next to her, and said coldly, "What did you want to say?" Lü'e lowered her head and whispered, "Maybe we should some clothes for Dalang." "Don't even think about it!" Auntie snorted, "That little bastard makes me annoyed at every opportunity. Me, making clothes for him? No way I would do that." The maids worked in silence, pretending they didn't hear her. "He comes to eat at home every day, and doesn't even subsidize the family." "Isn't Dalang's salary given to the mansion?" Lü'e muttered. "And his appetite itself is too much" Auntie rolled her eyes vigorously, trying to show the whites in her eyes. She thought that she could improve her relationship with her unlucky nephew, now that he had saved their entire family. But the rascal took every opportunity to poke her and make things difficult for her. *Wolves travel thousands of miles to eat meat, Dogs travel thousands of miles to eat shit.* The old saying was true. The butler hurried over, stopped outside the courtyard, and shouted, "Madam, Master is back."