# 74. Only Going to the Goulan Would Calm My Soul 【SIX: Don't believe NINE, do not respond, do not respond, do not respond!】 In the quiet guest room, Xu Qi’an stared at this message, a thin film of cold sweat forming on his back. A indescribable fear started to brew deep in his heart. He drank a mouthful of tea, mind in a daze, and stared into space for a good while, trying to escape from that mysterious fear. *This “SIX” should be the ball of light that I just touched… what was the meaning of his message, is NINE trying to deceive me?* *If NINE is trying to deceive me, then what for? If SIX knows that NINE is lying, then why didn’t he say earlier?* *If NINE cannot be trusted, then SIX cannot be trusted either.* *I’ll fucking trust no-one.* 【THREE: Who are you? What reason do you have to say NINE is not trustworthy. You’re a member of the Heaven and Earth Society, aren’t you?】 【SIX: Yes.】 *He admitted to it so readily…* Xu Qi’an fell silent for a few seconds, before writing: 【THREE: What did you mean earlier?】 【SIX: The Earth Book belongs to the Heaven and Earth Society. NINE is part of the Earth Sect, they are a group of crazed and bloodthirsty freaks, that won’t listen to reason. Never never get into contact with them, if you value your life.】 【THREE: How do you know that I and NINE have talked?】 Xu Qi’an voiced his suspicion. 【SIX: Piece number three has been sealed by the Earth Sect, breaking our messaging capability. Furthermore, the Earth Sect can use NINE to locate where THREE is. 【This is why Jinlian Daozhang was willing to give up this piece, and bestow it to you.】 *So you’re saying, even if I don’t make a deal with NINE, he could still locate me via the ninth mirror?* *No wonder he’s not hurried me to return the mirror back to its rightful owner, and even giving the initiative to me, letting me pick the location.* *No wonder yesterday when I asked NINE, if the Heaven and Earth Society could use the Earth Book to locate someone, he changed the topic…* Xu Qi’an remembered more details. *No wonder what I pick, he’s guaranteed a profit. If I choose to make a deal, he could black-eat-black and off me. If I don’t choose to make a deal, he could delay and delay, until he finally found where I am.* *Fuck…* with a shiver, Xu Qi’an cursed internally. Six continued to send messages, 【The Earth Book is one body, so we can still see your messages to NINE through the mirror, and were helpless to do anything about it. Until you let a drop of blood onto the mirror and became its owner. Only then did we manage to connect.】 【THREE: What should I do?】 【SIX: I hope you can return the Earth Book piece back to the Heaven and Earth Society. If you’re still not comfortable, I can give you an address, you can send someone there on your behalf.】 *But that old man’s five hundred taels of gold…* Xu Qi’an stared at the mirror, not replying. He trusted no one! *Six isn’t necessarily a good person, he might also be out to get me.* *If I was that easy to deceive, then all my years at police academy were worthless…* Xu Qi’an replied 【THREE: If the Earth Book belongs to the Heaven and Earth Society, and NINE is of the Earth Sect, then the Earth Sect covets the Earth Book?】 From the information archived by the Nightwatchers, the Earth Book is the Daoist Earth Sect’s treasure, whereas this Heaven and Earth Society is merely a Jianghu organisation. But Six just said earlier, that the Earth Book belongs to the Heaven and Earth Society, that the Earth Sect covets this treasure. If Six doesn’t give a reasonable explanation, then Xu Qi’an will also pull him down. 【SIX: the Earth Book is the Earth Sect’s treasure, but that was in the past. Now, it belongs to the Heaven and Earth Society. And the Heaven and Earth Society is made up of a portion of the Earth Sect.】 【THREE: What’s this?】 【SIX: This involves a secret of the Earth Sect. I’m not a disciple of that sect, and so am not at liberties to divulge.】 【THREE: I understand. You can leave an address.】 【SIX: Yangshui street in the inner city, the house opposite Zhang’s Silk Shop, in the courtyard is planted a kumquat tree.】 Xu Qi’an had finally calmed down fully, drinking a mouthful of tea which was slowly losing its warmth, the tip of his finger lightly tapping the table. At present, he had three choices: One, believe Six, and return the mirror. He could spend money to hire someone to do it for him. He wouldn’t have to worry about who Six was, nor would he worry about Nine locating him, thus escaping the situation. Two, make a deal with Nine. The downside was that he was likely to face a black-eat-black situation. The upside was if he gambled right, five hundred taels of silver would be his. Three, give the Earth Book to the Nightwatchers, and gain merit. *If I was still the small bailiff of Changle County, then I may have picked the first choice; safety first.* *But I’m now a Nightwatcher. In the Capital of the Great Feng, I don’t need to care how powerful any outside forces are. The dragons must coil up, the tigers must crouch down... no, they wouldn’t even dare to enter the city.* *I’ve only just joined the Nightwatchers, and have no resources or merit. I could use this Earth Book to exchange for a bright future.* *The constabulary would most likely love to receive one of these ancient treasures. That great eunuch Wei Yuan would not sit by on the sidelines.* After deciding on his course of action, Xu Qi’an went to the constabulary to return the records, and took his own belt token from the clerk in the archives, leaving the building in rash vigour. In a quiet corner with no person in sight, Xu Qi’an took out all of his things in the jade mirror: a crossbow, the bone-dissolving poison, the heart-protecting mirror, and the four hundred taels of silver banknotes that Brother Chun returned, After stowing these items properly, he came to the Nightwatcher Constabulary’s tallest building: the Tower of Noble Spirit. The guards at the door blocked his way. Xu Qi’an took off his token, saying solemnly, “Notify Duke Wei with haste, the Bronze Gong Xu Qi’an has an important matter to report.” The guards took the token, and after making sure it was not fake, examined him, “Why do you not find the Silver Gong you’re under?” “The Silver Gong isn’t present, and the situation is urgent, go quickly.” Xu Qi’an gave an even more stubborn response. He did not plan for Li Yuchun to know about this matter. More accurately, he did not plan to let more people know than was necessary. The Heaven and Earth Society was good, the Daoist Earth Sect was fine too, they were all large powers. They may not want to take revenge against the Nightwatchers, but Xu Qi’an had a family to worry about. This was a principle that he understood from when he was a policeman in a previous life. Xu Qi’an must lighten his own traces on the matter, making both the Heaven and Earth Society and the Earth Sect overlook him. The two guards exchanged looks, and one of them hurriedly rushed upstairs. After a few minutes, the guard returned, “You can enter. Duke Wei is waiting for you on the seventh floor.” Only then did Xu Qi’an let out a sigh of relief; the fact that this immensely powerful eunuch was willing to see him, meant that half his plan had already succeed. He immediately entered the building, and flew up flights upon flights of stairs, all the way to the seventh floor. At the top of the stairs already stood a clerk waiting for him, leading him through the long corridor and to a tea room. The room was empty, but on the adjoining balcony was stood an azure cloaked figure. Wei Yuan turned his head, saying warmly, “What is it?” His features were handsome, his aura refined. The hairs on his forehead were starting to whiten, and in his eyes swirled the passing of an untold number of years and experiences. He did not seem like a eunuch, rather more a scholar. Xu Qi’an did not dare to look him directly in the eye, bowing his head slightly, “This servant has asked for Duke Wei, because this servant has discovered an important matter, and has come to report it.” As he spoke, he drew out the jade mirror from his robe, and presented it with both hands. “This is the Earth Book, an artefact of the Daoist Earth Sect.” *Earth Book…* Wei Yuan was dazed for a moment, staring at the small mirror intensely, “How did you get it?” Xu Qi’an did not conceal anything, recounting exactly how he got the mirror, how he received messages, and what he had discovered in the case records at the constabulary. All of this was told as is to the great eunuch. He didn’t have any reason to conceal anything; he had obtained this mirror before he joined the Nightwatchers, this was his private possession. Moreover, even if he had gotten it after joining the Nightwatchers, it would still be his anyway. Wei Yuan wouldn’t get any bad impression because of this. The azure-cloaked eunuch said with a half smile, “Five hundred taels of gold?” *… Bossman, isn’t it strange to focus on this point?* Xu Qi’an laughed with embarrassment, “This small person is only trying to gain benefit for himself, within reasonable bounds, of course.” Wei Yuan laughed warmly, as his eyes fell on the mirror again. Just then, a line of text appeared on its surface. 【NINE: Have you decided when to make the deal?】 The great eunuch’s mouth twitched, as he gave the mirror back to Xu Qi’an, “The mirror has already received a drop of blood and recognised its owner. Only you can reply. Tell him, the exchange place will be Guiyuelou, in the Inner City, the dancing birds room. In two hours’ time.” Xu Qi’an immediately replied with the mirror. 【NINE: Sure!】 Wei Yuan said, “You haven’t revealed your identity or address, you did well. You may leave now, the rest of this will be arranged.” *Then what about my five hundred taels of gold- ah no, my merit…* Xu Qi’an thought. He didn’t dare open his mouth, and so cupped his fists, “Yes Sir!” He did not take away the mirror, immediately leaving the tea room. Leaving the Tower of Noble Spirit, Xu Qi’an’s emotions were very complicated. He had both the relief of handing off a hot potato, as well as the hurt of losing a magical artefact, and five hundred taels of silver. As for merit, even though the great eunuch did not say anything, Xu Qi’an could understand the aura he had to maintain. The boss of the Nightwatchers talking merit with a small Bronze Gong, seemed far too unbefitting. *At least he won’t treat me badly…* Xu Qi’an left the constabulary, heart still panging, planning to go to the Goulan to listen to music, to calm his soul.