# 85. Your Humble Subordinate has an Important Matter to Report 【FIVE: The Wanyao Kingdom was exterminated five hundred years ago. The Buddhist sects led the many countries of the west to flatten the country. It’s said that in that final battle at Burning Mountain, the Buddha himself took action.】 【THREE: Wait a minute, You just said that the Buddha took action, didn't you?】 Xu Qi'an originally wanted to say, *Are you sure that the Buddha exists? The only ones who are beyond the ranking are Immortals and Buddhas, but did such characters exist?* However, Xu Qi'an didn't ask "Does the Buddha exist?", but instead questioned the truth of "Did the Buddha take action". In this way, His actual status as a noob wouldn't be exposed. 【FIVE: Anyway, that's what my elders said, and it would be extremely reliable; all you need to know is the rank of the Wanyao Kingdom’s leader.】 Number Four, who had a relationship with the female National Teacher, sent: 【FOUR: First Rank?】 【FIVE: First Rank... Humph. My old man told me that they were a half-step Martial God.】 Half-Step Martial God? Does that imply that they had almost surpassed the First Rank to become the "Deity" of the Martial Art System? Xu Qi'an was taken aback by this information and planned to go back to the Archive to check. Also, even if Number Five knew this much about the history of the Wanyao Kingdom, she didn't appear to be one if its remanants. At the time Daoist Jinlian, who had been lurking for a while, appeared: 【NINE: The Yao Empress was a half-step Martial God? This Daoist remembers that the documents in the Earth Sect recorded that she was a Rank One.】 The Yao monster races and the Martial Artists followed the same system. 【FIVE: I don't know the complete details, since it happened about five hundred years ago. After the fall of the Yao Empress, the monsters of the Wanyao Kingdom continued to fight for an entire sixty years, before escaping to the southern border. 【However, the remnants of the Wanyao Kingdom have yet to be exterminated in these five hundred years. They are pretty cohesive, and all of them dream of restoring their country. The principal reason is that their princess is still there. 【She is the orphaned child of the Wanyao Empress and the leader of the remnants of the Wanyao Kingdom】 【THREE: What is her rank?】 【FIVE: I don't know this information.】 【THREE: What kind of powerful monsters does the Wanyao Kingdom have?】 【FIVE: I only know of the history of the Wanyao Kingdom, but I'm not too clear about the current situation of the Wanyao Kingdom. After all, the remnants of the Wanyao Kingdom are in hiding, secretly accumulating strength.】 *The details you gave me were about history, not helpful to the case at all...* Xu Qi'an thought, exasperated. At the time, Number Two asked probingly:【TWO: THREE, Why are you inquiring about information related to the Wanyao Kingdom?] Confucianists and the Wanyao Kingdom didn't have any correlation. Xu Qi'an didn't answer him, and wrote another message: 【THREE: Daoist Jinlian, A friend of mine has been involved in a weird situation recently. 【He doesn't know why, but he has been picking up money whenever he goes out of his house. The frequency is also too high to be attributed to him having good luck. Let me put it in another way, even if he doesn't work and just picks up the money, he could live a rich and prosperous life. Since Earth Sect cultivates Meritorious Virtue, has something similar happened before?】 *Pick up money when going out!?* *And according to Number Three, It isn't just some lucky days, he's been picking up money quite frequently.* *Some people could live prosperous lives just by picking up money...* The Earth Book Chat Group fell silent for a while. 【FIVE: THREE, Don't make fun of us.】 【NINE: Having Meritorious Virtue in one's body means that one's lucky star would shine bright, and the feedback is that their life would be very smooth sailing, without disease or disaster. Any misfortune in their life would be transformed into good luck. But not specifically "picking up money". Um, You understand what I mean.】 *That's to say, people with Meritorious Virtue will live their lives smoothly, but that is due to general large-scale passive buff, not by picking up money...* Xu Qi'an's tooth started to hurt. That means, his dog-shit luck isn't in the same category as Earth Sect's Meritorious Virtue. He had always thought that his ability to pick up money frequently was the same as the Meritorious virtue of the Earth Sect. As Meritorious Virtue accumulates in the body, Heaven will reward with a good life. No one sent any messages for a long time. Xu Qi'an squatted in the hut for a long time before confirming that these people had gone offline again. *Can't you inform before going offline, you unqualified netizens...* He lampooned and left the hut while holding his candlestick. He returned the candlestick to the waiter and walked out of the inn when he happened to see a team of a dozen Nightwatchers passing by. Xu Qi'an took initiative to greet them, "Have you noticed anything?" A few Nightwatchers shook their heads before pointing at the inn. Xu Qi'an said, "I've already checked the inn. There's no suspicious person there." Upon hearing this, his colleagues gave up the idea of searching the inn and left hurriedly. ... Early morning the next day, Number Six changed into another ordinary looking robe. The spacious robe covered his burly body, as he bound his big bald head with a sweat towel, and left the inn silently, mixing in with the guests who woke up early. He ate at a roadside breakfast stall and walked towards the gate of the inner city. While he approached the city gate, he looked at it calmly and found that there were twice as many guards in the gate than before, along with a white-cloaked Arcanist, who was examining everyone going out of the inner city with their Qi Watching Eyes. Number Six mixed with the crowd and moved out of the inner city. The white cloak from Sitianjian also examined him, but let him go after little scrutiny. As a Buddhist disciple, he naturally had a way to dispel the aura brought about by killing. Number Three had bought him precious time to use the method. Without the One Leaf Concealment and the inn room, he would never have been able to escape the detection of the Arcanists from Sitianjian last night. Number Six headed east all the way, returning to his dwelling by noon. The houses in the area were mostly built using yellow soil, and the roofs were covered with broken black tiles. This was the poor district. Number Six came to a simple compound through a familiar road. The plaque at its gate read: Welfare Home. The Welfare Home was a welfare institution of the imperial court, specializing in giving shelter to those without anyone else to rely on. Although it was run by the government, only a few old officials were working in the yard, who could barely look after the orphans and the elderly there. Number Six stayed in the home as a monk, helping a few old officials take care of the orphans and elderly. He didn't ask for a penny and frequently used his own money to subsidize the expenses of the welfare home. Over the past decade, the imperial court had started to be more indifferent to welfare institutions like this one, and often didn't allocate money to them for several years. Now, it could be said to be a government office only in name. As soon as Number Six stepped into the courtyard, an old official came up to greet him, and said earnestly, "Master Hengyuan, Please don't bring in more children. There’s not enough room to swing a cat around here." Number Six clasped his hands together, "This poor monk will solve the money problem." Speaking of this, Number Six thought of Number Three's friend. *This poor monk also wants to pick up money outside daily.* After helping the poor officials cook porridge and distributing it to the elderly and the children, the burly and muscular monk came to the courtyard. There was a black dog in the firewood house in the backyard. It walked quite clumsily, but its eyes shined from time to time. The black dog clumsily walked to the monk's feet, raised its black and white eyes, and then spoke ramblingly, " May your fortune... Be like the East Sea, Good Luck... Great Fortune." Master Hengyuan looked at him with pity, clasped his hands together, and recited the scriptures in a low voice. ... The case of Earl Pingyuan's murder swept up the court the next day, as the Aristocrat bloc was outraged. The civil officials, who had always been at odds with the Aristocrats, also attached great importance to the case, and the Censors also sued a letter of impeachment to Wei Yuan. Emperor Yuanjing severely reprimanded the commander of the five guards in the capital and Wei Yuan, the commander of the Nightwatchers. Xu Qi'an also discovered that the Nightwatcher Office had a negative attitude towards the case. In the side hall, Xu Qi'an was drinking tea and chatting with Song Tingfeng and Zhu Guangxiao. "Don't be surprised. Earl Pingyuan isn't a good person. I've heard some things from other colleagues. Earl Pingyuan has a secret business, and he specialized in the immoral industry of human trafficking." Song Tingfeng whispered. "Duke Wei is eager for these moths in the empire to die cleanly. And you're counting on the Nightwatchers to avenge him? Bah." Zhu Guangxiao said in a muffled voice, "But after all, The court lost some face in this matter, and the gentlemen in the court will surely not stop at this." "Hey, the Official Evaluation is nearing. No one will care about the death of Earl Pingyuan that much. The case will stop after a while. It's just increasing our workload. The office ordered to strengthen the patrol in the inner city." "I don't know how the gentlemen at the court will deal with Duke Wei. They have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time." "Let's go to the martial arts field to practice and strengthen our tacit understanding." Xu Qi'an suggested. The three of them returned later to the side hall covered in sweat. After sitting down and pouring water for the two, Xu Qi'an said, "I'll go to the archives." He went to the Archive, and said to the petty official behind the reception, "Help me find the documents about the Wanyao Kingdom." The official went to the warehouse and found a copy of *Jiuzhou Geography: The Southern Marches*. Xu Qi'an quickly browsed through the book. The book contained quite a lot of information about the Wanyao Kingdom, but it was all history. The only valuable information he found was the description of that Empress of the Yao: A nine-tailed Heavenly Fox. *The Nightwatchers’ files have no record of the Buddha taking action... How did Number Five know this and what power are they from?* Xu Qi'an thought while returning the book to the official. "Are there any other files on Wanyao Kingdom?" "Yes, there are. But they aren't in Archive Ding." The petty official replied. In other words, Your permissions aren't enough. Xu Qi'an nodded and left the document library, before making a beeline to the Tower of Noble Spirit. He wanted to perform a bold operation to win the trust and appreciation of Wei Yuan, and he already had a detailed draft prepared. The guards announced that he was allowed to pass. After climbing up to the familiar Seventh Floor, Xu Qi'an saw the big eunuch with frosty temples and handsome features again. Along with Nangong Qianrou, whose appearance was comparable to Second Brother Xu, and Yang Yan, his Boss's Boss, who had a stoic face all year round. Xu Qi'an said loudly, "I ask Duke Wei to dismiss your attendants. Your humble subordinate has an important matter to report."