# 47. Angering Auntie Daily In this way, Xu Qi'an got 1 tael and four cash of silver, adding his original 3 cash and the cash he picked up, He had a total of 2 taels with him. But the golden ornaments Xu Qi'an had his eyes on cost 10 taels of silver. In the same way, he helped three young ladies to solve the puzzles and finally got together 5 taels of silver. "This should be enough to buy a golden ornament, but I need to buy one for my aunt as well..." "Young Master?" The shopkeeper's pale face interrupted Xu Qi'an's train of thought. Xu Qi'an looked at him silently. "Young master, can you be a little lenient on us?" "You don't need to have too much emotion, Aren't the rules here set by you?" "Young Master, You can tell me what you want." "I want to buy two golden ornaments, but I only have money for one... Only for half-price." "I, I'll give them to you, Young Master.", The shopkeeper gritted his teeth. "I'm sorry." "...I would be grateful if you don't come here in the future." *He couldn't accept any further losses?* Satisfied, Xu Qi'an walked away with two golden ornaments in his hands. I didn't want to get anything for free, this Xu isn't that kind of person, but the shopkeeper was too polite to refuse. As for the feelings of the shopkeeper, he didn't care about them. For someone capable of opening such a shop, a loss of 20-30 taels of silver would certainly sting, but it's not a big loss. Moreover, since they were playing this kind of game and benefitting from it, they should also have the preparation when they finally meet a master. It’s unreasonable that only you could make money, but others couldn’t shave off some of your wool too. [^1] Not long after leaving the shop, the hairs on his back suddenly raised, and his pores seemed to be pricked by fine needles. His heart started to beat faster and adrenaline started pumping within. *Someone is following me... Observing me... Hiding his hostility...* Xu Qi'an had a sudden vague awareness. He remained calm and pretended that nothing happened while making plans in his mind. *Who is following me... Jinbaoxuan? No, even though the shopkeeper seemed like he wanted to beat me up, a master capable of making my hair raise should have a certain background, which isn't possible in a mere Jinbaoxuan. *Cloud Deer Academy? That's also not right, The Great Scholars in Cloud Deer Academy are vying to accept me as a poetry student. How could they be hostile to me?* *It must be the Zhou Mansion!* At this stage, if anyone would be hostile enough to spy on him, it would be the Zhou mansion. Xu Qi'an's heart became cold. The experience of his previous life told him that once you are followed and monitored, It meant that the other party would act soon, it could even be tonight. "The plan to visit Cloud Deer Academy was correct. even if my second uncle and I are not weak, our female family members would be a burden..." Xu Qi'an's face became solemn; the plan to deal with the Zhous could not be pushed back. After returning to the Xu mansion, Xu Qi'an immediately took out the military crossbow that Song Qing from Sitianjian had equivalently exchanged (gotten for free) from the cabinet, and hung it on his waist, tying the Heart Protection Mirror on his chest. After climbing over the wall to get to the Main Courtyard, he saw Xu Lingyin chasing a flock of geese in the backyard. With her hands around her waist, she stomped her feet with effort, causing the frightened geese to panic and scurry around. "Big Brother, Big Brother, Do you think I look impressive?" Xu Lingyin became more arrogant when she saw her big brother coming back. "Where did the geese come from?" Xu Qi'an was taken aback. There hadn't been any when he had left home in the morning. "Mother asked someone to buy it. She said that we'll raise them at home..." Xu Lingyin tilted her head and said softly, "I forgot about the latter part." *It should be because raising them at home is more economical than buying them outside...* Xu Qi'an said "Oh" and then said, "Be careful, and don't trample the geese to death. Don't we have a big goose?" "The big goose is over there. I'll chase it out." Xu Lingyin volunteered, stretching her short legs and diving into the flowered. A few seconds later, the cry of a child similar to a pig being slaughtered came out. The bushes shook violently, and Xu Lingyin escaped crying while dragging a big white goose in her feet, which was biting her short leg tightly. Her face looked as if she was about to die, "Big brother, Help me..." Xu Qi'an stood by and watched her, laughing so much he made pig-like snorts. ... At dusk, Second Uncle Xu came home from work. He was dressed in a military uniform, with a long dao and a crossbow hanging from his waist. He looked like an eagle or wolf. His temperament was very different from when he wore ordinary clothes. The three of them came to the study, and after Lü'e served tea to them, she retreated out of the room. Xu Cijiu said, "Elder Brother and I have already made arrangements, and we can send my mother and younger sister to the academy tomorrow. It just so happens that Lingyin is around the age to begin learning. The teacher hired by my father wasn't able to teach her, but the teachers in the academy would easily do it. *When Lingyin hears this good news, she must burst into tears...* Xu Qi'an thought of the funny joke of giving a box of exercise books to a small child in his previous life. Uncle Xu was overjoyed, this solved his worries, and he wasn't worried once the female relatives had been arranged properly. "Cijiu, Thank you. Father knows that letting you study is the most correct thing I've done in his life." Xu Cijiu was a bit ashamed, "Father, it should be credited to my elder brother, and has nothing to do with me." "Ningyan?" Second Uncle Xu looked at his nephew with surprise. After listening to his son's explanation, Second Uncle Xu said with regret, "Ningyan, the biggest mistake Second Uncle did in his life was to have you practice Martial Arts." Uncle Xu believed now that his nephew was talented in scholarly arts. *I just made effective use of the knowledge I learned in my previous life...* Xu Qi'an said deeply, "I have something to tell you, Second Uncle. When I was coming back, I was being followed. Cijiu, How about you?" The expressions of the father and son changed. Xu Xinnian frowned, "Even if I was being followed, How would I know about it?" He was just an Awakened Scholar. Second Uncle Xu Stood up, paced back and forth a little anxiously, and said in a deep voice, "Ningyan, you'll stay at the mansion tonight. It'll be easier for uncle to take care of you if we live closer." "Moreover, I'll go to the Imperial Guard and have that strengthen the patrol in nearby areas at night." Xu Xinnian and Xu Qi'an looked at each other with anxiety. ... While eating, Xu Qi'an glanced at his elegant younger sister Xu Lingyue and coughed to attract the attention of the entire family. He took out a small mahogany box engraved with the words "Jinbaoxuan" from his bosom, and slowly opened the box. Within was a finely crafted golden hairpin. The head of the hairpin had an exquisitely carved flower, inlaid with pearls and hanging ribbons of gold. Regardless of the style, The gold alone made the whole family look sideways. Xu Lingyue and Auntie stared blankly, and two pairs of large beautiful eyes were fixed on the Hairpin. These types of golden hairpins, due to their exquisite workmanship and precious materials, had always been sought after by the young mistresses and madams of large families. Ordinary women couldn't afford such fine jewellery. Auntie used to have a Golden Hairpin with Flowers carved in it, Which was very precious. Xu Qi'an was a single dog and he wouldn't buy a golden hairpin for no reason at all. There were two women in the family suitable to wear it, and his aunt was the matriarch of the family... Auntie's beautiful face burst into a smile and her eyes turned soft, "You still have some conscience, Come ..." As soon as her voice came out, Xu Qi'an placed the Golden hairpin in front of Xu Lingyue, "Sister, I'll give it to you." Xu Lingyue's eyes widened, she couldn't believe it. Jinbaoxuan's jewellery was very famous in the area. Since they had exquisite workmanship, they were very popular with the girls and women from nearby rich families. "Thank you, Big brother." A sincere smile appeared on her face, and her eyes curved like a crescent moon. Auntie's frail body began to tremble and her towering chest began to convulse. She asked Second Uncle with red eyes, "Say it, do you want your nephew or me?" She couldn't get along with the rascal. Second Uncle Xu glared at his nephew, and quickly brought food to his wife, "Calm down, Don't stoop to the rascal's level." Xu Qi'an felt that someone had kicked his calf, so he looked at Xu Xinnian beside him. Xu Erlang was bowing his head to eat his food. --- [^1]: Shaving wool means taking money