# 145. Yang Qianhuan The lively atmosphere ceased to be in an instant, and the famous oirans all began to restrain their smiles. Just a moment before, They were all loving sisters, and after they acted as if they were female soldiers about to enter the battlefield. Even then, they still looked flirtatious and charming. "Elder Sisters, Since Mr. Xu has come to my Azure Pond Courtyard today, I also hope that he rests here. I believe that sisters will also help me." Would the Famous Oirans help her? No way in hell! No sort of sisterhood existed in the Jiaofangsi. Even if it did exist, it would be purely plastic. Having been promoted from an ordinary prostitute to a famous oiran, all of the famous oirans had gone through a lot. Their status was earned through a lot of sweat and hard work, along with their wisdom in handling relationships, and their fighting spirit. Similarly, This spirit didn't allow them to admit defeat that easily. Although the place was an opportunity for Xu Qi'an, it was too dangerous for the oirans to remain there. Even a small release of qi could cause their death. And it is known that martial artists were straightforward battle maniacs, without any sort of fancy spells or techniques. *Well, Actually, I quite enjoy this competition for the Jiuyin Zhenjing. I believe that the girls with a lot of spare tires felt the same way in my previous life.* Xu Qi'an coughed and gazed at the oirans. "Miss Mingyan's kindness is hard to turn down. So, I'll rest here tonight. Ladies, You should go back. I'll visit you later, and I'll keep my promises." A man's words at the wine table were like their words in bed. As in, They couldn't be believed. But the words had already been spoken. What else could they do? This sort of thing couldn't be forced. Only Fuxiang looked as if she had some grievances, and she looked at Xu Qi'an, bearing a sad face, "Darling!" Although Xu Qi'an's head was stubborn, his heart was still soft. He had wanted to bow his head to take a sip and ignore her. But, looking at her aggrieved look, He said in a gloomy tone, "Go back. I'll come to you tomorrow." After taking another look at him, Fuxiang covered her face and wept, walking out. The other famous oirans made themselves scarce one after another. Oiran Mingyan looked excited, stood up gracefully, and shyly said, "It's late. Come along with me, Young Master Xu." In Miss Mingyan's boudoir, a smokeless metal charcoal burner was heating the room, and sandalwood incense could be seen curling up. Compared with the elegant atmosphere of Fuxiang's room, this room was better described as … magnificent. The yaoguai maid saluted Xu Qi'an, and obediently said, "This servant will be serving you in the bath, young master." *You wish. I don't dare to let you serve me.* Xu Qi'an shook his head, and glanced at oiran Mingyan, "When I visited the Reflecting Plum Pavilion, Fuxiang served me in the bath." *Taking a bath together?* The famous oiran, Mingyan, hadn't ever experienced this sort of thing. So, she was shy and embarrassed. After gritting her silver teeth, She softly said, "He'er, I'll be serving young master Xu." After getting off the couple bath, Xu Qi'an put on his robe and white silk trousers, while his mind was cursing up a storm, *Song Tingfeng you motherfucker, Why the hell haven't you arrived yet?* "What are you waiting for, Master Xu?" Mingyan was curled up under the blanket, a bit unhappy. She was a woman, and it was inconvenient for her to say some words, otherwise, she would be thought of as a dissolute woman. But, she had never seen a man enter her room, wipe their knife for a quarter of an hour and drink tea for another quarter. The quilt had already been warmed, and she would fall asleep if he didn't come. "The night is still long. Don't be in a hurry. I'm thinking of something." Xu Qi'an postured and spewed some bull. His peripheral vision was focused on the Yao maid. *I won't move until the enemy does. Perchance, If the enemy moves, I'll gift her a Slash.* While he thought over this, Xu Qi'an suddenly felt dizzy, as if he hadn't slept for three days, and his eyes felt heavy, as if they weighed thousands of catties. *I’ve been poisoned*, He shuddered, and looked over at famous oiran Mingyan, only to discover that she had already fallen asleep and was currently motionless. "What are you waiting for, Master Xu?" A chuckle sounded. The maid, who seemed downcast before, seemed to be a different person. Her eyes were coquettish and licentious. She was staring right at him, her posture being quite aggressive. "Who are you? Why did you poison me? I don't have any grudge against you. Poisoning and attacking others is a serious crime, a crime that leads to confiscation of family property." Xu Qi'an pretended to panic and said some words to test her. "Of course, I was waiting for Master Xu." The maid giggled, Making her already charming face appear to be even more bewitching. "Me?" Xu Qi'an asked, his head filled with doubt. He tried to run his qi, but the qi in his dantian felt as thick as honey, and he couldn't move it at all. His limbs started to get heavy. *Damn, That bastard Song Tingfeng harmed me!* Due to his trust in the Nightwatchers, he chose to stay in the Jiaofangsi, waiting for an opportunity to capture the Yao woman. But, it seemed that Song Tingfeng had encountered some trouble. Otherwise, several round trips to and from the Nightwatcher Office and the Jiaofangsi could have been made during this time. There was no reason for him to take this long. "The night is still long, but Miss is already asleep. Let this servant take care of Young Master Xu in her stead." The maid walked slowly, taking off a piece of clothing every time she took a step. *She wants to fuck me!* Xu Qi'an was shocked at the situation. This wasn’t some romantic affair. Having been a Nightwatcher for this long, He had accumulated a lot of experience and wisdom. He knew that Yao women were proficient at harvesting yang to replenish yin, and they were even more proficient at squeezing men into medicinal dregs. The fate of those medicinal dregs were also quite simple, an untimely death. *What had she poisoned? The Sandalwood? The liquor? I don't know much about poison, this also isn’t the main point… The real thing is that she had already arranged a method to deal with me. I arrived at Jiaofangsi today based on a whim, and she doesn't have any reason to know about my whims.* When the Yao girl approached a distance of three feet from Xu Qi'an, an intense light suddenly shot off from his eyes, calming down all his emotions. Clang!! The black gold long sabre came out of its sheath, causing a thin line of sabre qi to light up the room, fizzling out afterward. Not looking at the result, Xu Qi'an broke out with all his remaining strength. Running wildly, he slammed into the window. He wanted to make some noise, so an outsider would notice, and also to make the Yao girl wary of him. Xu Qi'an fell on the ground, as he had tripped over something. That something was a thick and long grey tail. It was fluffy and looked like a fox's tail. Looking back, Xu Qi'an saw that the maid had disappeared, leaving a paper figurine, which was cut into two pieces. He felt a wet tongue licking his face. Xu Qi'an turned his head slowly, only to discover that the maid had appeared behind him without him knowing. Her pupils had turned amber, and she looked at him as she was looking at prey. She licked his face deftly with her tongue. "Such rich vitality. I couldn't restrain myself after smelling your aura." She was telling the truth, because Xu Qi'an saw the change in her appearance. *This is the first time I’ve loathed a woman…* Xu Qi’an’s body was stiff, and a sense of danger made him greatly anxious. Half the power that had erupted before had come from his strength, while the other half came from the pill of great strength he had hid under his tongue. He had wanted to stab the Yao girl, but he had greatly underestimated the opponent. *How should I proceed now? I'll certainly be killed if I yell.* *Should I start rolling as hard as I can? After all an immortal would find it hard to do a rolling person… or should I lay a fragrant gold nugget to disgust her?…* Smiling, the Yao girl stretched out her fingers to scratch Xu Qi'an's silk pants. Just then, her expression suddenly changed, and she looked at a place, and shouted, "Who is it?" "You don't need to know my identity, for anyone who knows the name of this one is already dead." A black shadow appeared in the room, with its back pointed to the two of them, dressed in robes as white as snow. The Yao girl let out a roar and gave off a fierce look at the man in white. She then threw herself towards the window decisively to escape. Boom! She hit an invisible air wall and bounced back. "How sad." The man in white shook his head, sighed, and said, his words filled with pity. Afterward, he snapped his fingers, and magical formations erupted from under his feet, moving to cover the Yao girl. An illusory chain stretched out from the formation, which then wrapped around the Yao girl’s wrists and ankles, and restrained her in place. No matter how much she struggled, she couldn't break free of the chain. "Keep her alive." Xu Qi'an was afraid that this overbearing expert would kill the Yao girl. The white-robed man stood with his hands behind his back, and said, "You are Xu Qi'an, right?" "That's right." Xu Qi'an said, "And this senior would be..." "Sitianjian's Yang Qianhuan. You should have heard of me." The white-robed man said. *I'm sorry. I've never heard of this man.* Xu Qi'an quickly said, "So it is you, Senior Yang. I've admired you for a long time." "Ehh!" The white-robed man cheered up, "Did junior sister Caiwei tell you about me, or that mad scientist Song Qing?" "All of them, all of them…" Xu Qi'an made an educated guess that this senior was a certain disciple of the Jianzheng. "Were you notified by my colleagues, Senior?" "Those bronze gongs?" The white-robed man nodded, "Exactly, They notified the Sitianjian two incense sticks’ time ago, saying that a Yao was discovered here. I was outside the courtyard the entire time." *What the fuck? Why didn't you act earlier?* Xu Qi'an opened his mouth in puzzlement. As if he had looked through his thoughts, the white-robed man hummed and said, "A real hero always makes an entrance at the end, Isn't that right?" *I think something's wrong with your head.* Xu Qi'an nodded, forcing a smile on his lips. Yang Qianhuan also nodded in satisfaction, and then said, his voice deep, "Ask whatever you want to ask." Xu Qi'an let off a breath, stood up tremblingly, and stared at the demon girl captured in the formation, "Are you a remnant of the Wanyao Kingdom, or a member of the northern Yao?" The Yao girl sneered but said nothing. The illusory chains were suddenly tightened, and electric arcs then swam along the body of the Yao girl. She screamed in pain, as her tender body convulsed. "Heh. I created this interrogation formation by myself. It can squeeze the body and the soul. I believe very few men or monsters could bear this pain." The white-robed man stood at a distance while putting his hands behind his back, and said calmly. The Yao girl's amber pupils were filled with abject terror. "Wan, Wan... Wan Yao Kingdom. I'm a vixen from the Wanyao Kingdom." She said. "You were a perpetrator of the Sangpo case, right?" "Yes." "Is Henghui one of your accomplices?" "Yes." "What's your purpose?" "Blowing up the Sangpo and releasing whatever that's inside." "What was inside Sangpo?" "I don't know. I don't know." Xu Qi'an glanced at the white-robed man and saw he didn't say anything. So, he believed the Yao girl, and continued to question, "I still have three questions." “The first question: Since you have already released the sealed item, Why did you instigate Henghui to make trouble, to kill Count Pingyuan, and to attack the Minister of War's mansion at night? “Second question: Who are you working with? "Third question: Why were you targeting me?" The Yao girl hesitated for a moment before answering, “I don't know of the first two. I am only lurking within the capital and obeying orders. I don't know anything else. "As for your matter. I had received an order long ago saying that I had to find a way to take Xu Qi'an's life as soon as he entered the Jiaofangsi." The white-robed man didn't speak. Xu Qi'an frowned, *So, the Yao hidden in Jiaofangsi is the Yao girl who was ordered to kill me. Was that because I was very close to the truth of the case? So, they planned to erase the threat from the root by removing me, didn't they?* *At least I had some gains. Henghui will indeed be the breakthrough for the case."* "The last question: Is Miss Mingyan an accomplice?" The Yao girl sneered and said, "I do want to say yes..." An electric arc once again swam through her body, causing her face to change colour once again, after which she shook her head, "She doesn't know anything." "Senior, I'm done asking questions." Xu Qi'an said. *Could this Yao girl be left to me as a merit?* He was about to articulate the question when he heard the white-robed man say, "All right. This Yao girl is my merit. So, I'll be taking her away." *What? Weren't you an expert? This isn’t how I’d expect you to respond.* Xu Qi'an replied dully, "Well. Also, are any other monsters hiding here?" "When this venerable arrives, even mountains of swords and seas of fire will become a paradise." After posturing, Yang Qianhuan said, "The Jiaofangsi is very safe." Although he felt that the guy had some problems in his head, his strength didn't have any problems. Xu Qi'an nodded, reassured. "You, Lower your head for a few breaths." Suddenly, Yang Qianhuan said. Xu Qi'an did as he said, dazed. After two breaths, he raised his head, only to discover that the white-robed man had disappeared. After checking that famous oiran Mingyan's breathing and heartbeat didn't have any problems, Xu Qi'an left the Azure Pond Courtyard carrying a question in his head, *Why did he want me to lower my head for two breaths?* Xu Qi'an dragged his exhausted body into Reflecting Plum Courtyard and was led to the master bedroom, where he saw Fuxiang, whose face was peach red due to crying. The miss was lying on the edge of the bed and had turned her body sideways, and her head was also facing outside. After looking at her, Xu Qi'an didn't bother to explain anything and lifted the quilt to sleep. He didn't want to stay at the Azure Pond Courtyard anymore, and he couldn't go back home in the middle of the night. So, He could only rest in the Reflecting Plum Courtyard.