# 99. Sharing Information *And, the secret should have something to do with the cry for help I heard. Maybe, this disturbance happened due to me...* Xu Qi'an was taken aback by his guess. As an experienced criminal policeman with rigorous logical abilities, he didn't immediately identify himself as the "True culprit". He was strictly still a suspect until now. There could be other possibilities. But, according to Zhu Guangxiao and Song Tingfeng, he was the only one who heard the call for help. But, he couldn't have been the cause of the problem. *Sangpo hides a secret within it. Maybe this secret is only known by Emperor Yuanjing. This uproar could have been inevitable, and merely because of something special with myself, did I hear that voice.* *What could be so special about me? It should probably be my unexplainable money-picking buff.* Xu Qi'an had a complicated mood at the time. He had a strong desire to know more, but he also had some concerns about pursuing the truth, fearing that it was something he couldn't bear at this stage. After another hour, the ancestor worship finally ended. Then, the imperial guards and the high-ranking Nightwatchers guarded the royal family and the officials to leave, only after which Xu Qi'an and the others were free to scatter. "Strange. What came out of the Yongzhen Shanhe Temple?" On the way back, Song Tingfeng relaxedly began to spill out gossip. "Walk with your eyes open, Li Ronghao." Xu Qi'an joked smilingly, trying to distract himself and calm down. "Who is Li Ronghao?" Song Tingfeng asked blankly.[^1] Xu Qi'an didn't answer. The other bronze gongs were also discussing the abnormal situation. "That was sword qi, right? I have never seen such strong sword qi. Even Gold Gong Zhang, with his strong sword intent, can't produce such sword qi." A bronze gong said. "I was terrified. I thought that an assassin had entered just now. Then, I thought, How could such a powerful assassin enter the capital? The capital has the Jianzheng and the national teacher." "What do you think was in the temple?" The bronze gongs looked at each other blankly, unable to answer the question. "It's the sword used by the founding emperor on the battlefield." Xu Qi'an said. It could be observed that the bronze gongs in the Nightwatchers had polarized attitudes towards Xu Qi'an. Some of them wanted to befriend him, while others were jealous of him. After all, He could cause two gold gongs to fight for him. This kid will have a bright future, at least becoming a silver gong. "How would you know this?" Someone sneered at him. "You can ask an older senior by yourself." Xu Qi'an also sneered at him. They were all young bronze gongs, who didn't know much about the "Mountain and Sea Campaign". But, the older bronze gongs and silver gongs should all know that Emperor Yuanjing brought out the divine sword and gave it to King Zhenbei. It's worth mentioning that King Zhenbei was a prince and the younger brother of Emperor Yuanjing. His actual title was the King Huai. “Zhenbei” was a title of respect for King Huai since he guarded the north and deterred all the parties from the prairies.[^2] There were many Imperial Uncles, but only a single Zhenbei King. Smelling the gunpowder between Xu Qi'an and that bronze gong, the others lightly changed the topic to discuss other matters. The ancestor worship was shocking, but nothing dangerous happened. Their tasks being completed, the bronze gongs talked about going to the Jiaofang Si or another familiar Goulan to have fun. This era was very boring. For socialization and entertainment, men didn't have any other options besides going to the Goulan to listen to music other than going to brothels to sleep with women. So boring! ... After he returned to the Nightwatcher's Office, Xu Qi'an felt something and knew that something had happened in the "Earth Book Group Chat" He made up an excuse to go to the latrine and took out the jade mirror, where he saw Dao Master Jinlian consulting him and Number One. 【NINE: ONE and THREE, the Ancestor Worship should have ended, What caused that big commotion?】 Number One didn't reply, but the others were cracking melon seeds with great interest.[^3] 【TWO: Daozhang, what do you mean? Did Emperor Yuanjing meet an assassin when he worshipped his ancestors? Is he dead lmao】 Xu Qi'an was sure that Number Two was not a member of the Imperial Court. Unless he (or she) didn't plan to meet him or Number One in this life. *If the vigorous youth Number Two lived in my time, they would be traced through their internet connection by the People’s Police in the minute, and invited to the police station for dinner.* 【NINE: This daoist was meditating when he suddenly saw a sword qi breaking through the sky from the direction of Sangpo, just like the clear qi that soared from Cloud Deer Academy that day.】 【TWO: Which expert tried to perform an assassination?】 【NINE: The National Guardian Sword is the sword of the founding emperor of the Great Feng. Ever since Great Feng was established, It had been baptized by the national destiny of the entire country daily. Causing it to become a treasure closely related to the national destiny of Great Feng. It stands to reason that such an important weapon shouldn't show any abnormality.】 Just after Number Two replied, Number Nine Daoist Jinlian's reply followed closely. Two realised that he had jumped the gun, and so kept silent. After a few seconds, seeing that Daoist Jinlian had said all he wanted to, he (she) continued to send: 【TWO: So, What happened?】 【FOUR: What? The Guardian Divine Sword has awoken? Could it be that a powerhouse of the first rank went to the capital, attracting the divine weapon? I can't think of any other reason for it to come out】 Number Four seemed to be quite shocked. He had served as an official in the Great Feng before, and his understanding of Great Feng should not be less than Number One or Number Three. It could even surpass their knowledge. 【FIVE: I only care if the Emperor of Great Feng is dead or not. If he's dead, your grand-auntie[^4] will have to tell dad.】 *Grand-aunt... Number Five should be a girl.* Xu Qi'an's eyes lit up. 【FOUR: Tell your father? What will you tell him?】 【FIVE: Of course, to send troops to attack the border and grab Great Feng's food and women, mu ha ha ha ha ha】 *As I expected, Number FIVE is indeed a foreigner. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so clear about the history of the Wanyao Kingdom. Um, The Wanyao kingdom is in the southern Marches, so Number Five shouldn't be from a northern tribe.* *Is she a Southern Barbarian or an Eastern Barbarian?* At the time, Number One also went online. 【ONE: The ancestor worship has ended. There, the divine sword at Yongzhen Shanhe Temple went out, causing a commotion. After silence resumed, Emperor Yuanjing entered the temple for a quarter of an hour, his intentions unknown.】 【NINE: As expected, Sangpo hides a secret. The secret only being known to members of the royal family.】 【ONE: What does the Daozhang know?】 Xu Qi'an's spirit roused. 【NINE: This daoist is just a little daoist, and he doesn't know any secrets. It's just that this daoist saw a demonic energy condensing in the direction of the imperial city before the sword qi soared into the skies.】 【SIX: This monk also noticed it, but it passed by in a flash.】 Buddhist disciple Number Six interrupted. *The Earth Sect should have a method of observing qi similar to the Qi Watching Technique... I don't know much about Buddhism, but according to common sense, They should be sensitive to demonic or evil qi.* Xu Qi'an continued watching the mirror in silence. 【TWO: That means that when ancestor worship was happening, a great demon or a person practicing demonic cultivation approached the capital. So, the Nation’s Guardian Divine Sword went out. This frightened the mysterious master away.】 Number Two made a judgment. 【FOUR: Although Jianzheng is located in the capital, If the other party is also a top expert, they could indeed approach the capital instantly.】 【SIX: But there are only a handful of first-rank masters. Who would invade the capital at this time?】 No one spoke for a while. Everyone was probably analysing and making guesses in their minds. But, Xu Qi'an knew that it wasn't some first-rank master who came to commit a crime. The problem was from Sangpo itself. 【FOUR: Jinlian Daozhang, when did the sword qi soar to the sky?】 【NINE: An hour ago. Why are you asking me this?】 *It happened an hour ago... And Number Three asked about Sangpo's information right about that time, exactly an hour ago. It was almost at the same time...* According to Number Three's attitude at that time, he was very eager to know everything about Sangpo. Number Four recalled Number Three's earlier inquiry, and connected it with the situation of the Ancestor Worship Ceremony just moments later. It was obvious that Number Three didn't ask the question without rhyme or reason. Number Three is a disciple of Confucianism. He is quite familiar with history books. It is impossible for him to not know the history of Sangpo. Number Four also knew the history of Sangpo, so he couldn't help but put himself in the shoes of Number Three. *If it were me, and I was participating in the royal family's ancestor worship ceremony. This incident happened suddenly, I would explain the situation as soon as possible, and discuss the abnormality with the members of the Heaven and Earth Society, finally concluding it to be the result of a first-rank master.* *But, Number Three didn't do so. He instead chose to ask about Sangpo's history with a purpose. Number Three isn't an idiot. On the contrary, He's a very smart person.* Number Four reasoned, *He's a student of the Cloud Deer Academy. So, he wouldn't ask these questions without reason, unless he had discovered something out there, causing him to doubt the history he read before, putting his understanding of Sangpo into doubt.* Thinking of this. Number Four was taken aback since he came to a surprising conclusion based on these guidelines. *The problem originated from Sangpo. Number Three spied on a smidgen of truth, which made him doubt his previous understanding.* 【FOUR: THREE, You know something, Don't you? You were also there at the time. After you inquired about the Sangpo, the Guardian Sword reacted immediately and made a big commotion. This couldn't be a coincidence.】 Number Four's message caused all the members of the Heaven and Earth Society to react. *So this was the reason that Four asked Jinlian Daozhang about when the sword qi rushed into the sky.* While the Earth Book fragment holders were running their thoughts, Number Four continued, 【FOUR: THREE, You are a student of the Cloud Deer Academy. So, you must know the history of Sangpo. Although Cloud Deer Academy has withdrawn from officialdom for over two hundred years, it has a profound foundation. The history of Sangpo recorded in the Academy library could only be more detailed than what I just said. 【I had found it strange at that time and wondered why you would ask such a question.】 *No, I don't know anything...* Xu Qi'an didn't know how to explain it. The terrible cries for help had nearly made him collapse mentally. He couldn't maintain his character design under that trauma. 【FOUR: Due to you doubting yourself, you also felt that the history of Sangpo you had learned before was likely to be wrong.】 Everyone realized, *The situation should have been like this.* Xu Qi'an was enlightened, *Yes, I originally had this thought.* *Number Four is a master of reasoning... Well, although the guess was wrong, he is very smart and reacted the fastest among them all.* *He's worthy of being a scholar who once served in the imperial court.* 【TWO: Wait, So, The problem comes from Sangpo itself, not due to the invasion of a master?】 【FOUR: I was about to ask THREE this.】 【FIVE: THREE, Why aren't you replying? Tell us quickly.】 Seeing this, Xu Qi'an decided not to remain silent any longer and moved his brush. 【THREE: Heh, I do know some secret insider information.】 --- [^1]: Li Ronghao is a Chinese singer. Don't know why this is a meme [^2]: 镇北: Guarding the North [^3]: Chinese version of eating popcorn. [^4]: Your auntie/your grand-aunt: self-reference used by a woman, similar to how a man would use “your granddad”